IMG_3964 Friday, mid June. It’s Chicago so it’s hot and sticky. Listening to Devo’s new album, which is quite good. It’s struggle every day to focus. With the marketing at SPG I find it incredibly difficult to settle and just bang out a couple blog posts, or e-mails. I could only muster 2 today, though I did leave by 1:30. My sister’s wedding next week, and NYC > Spain the following week. I’m not sure what is more daunting, the Fancy Food Show or traveling. I’m sure others can sympathize, but I feel the need to get things right. I’m way out of my league just visiting New York with a foodie, let alone going head first into a Fancy Food Show.

I’ve been stressing more each week as I’ve got to get a bunch of shit done before I leave – because my lovely job allows me to schedule 80% of my work. In reality, it’s next to nothing and I spend more time worrying than doing the work it self.

For a long time I’ve had this layer of dread on top of me like a blanket, I’m not sure what its all about – maybe seeing my dad? Who knows.

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Honey Bears and Olive Oil

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June 12th, 2010