Two weeks and still no word from out beloved olive oil guy. So it goes.

There is one post that I’m dreading to write. Fat Witch Brownie Mix. The box comes with everything you’d need to create your own famous at-home brownies save for the two sticks of butter you need to slap all of the ingredients together in a way that makes it seem like a cohesive eatable jumble of garbage. Some may praise Fat Witch for their delightfully ‘moist’ and ‘heavenly’ brownies created in the island of Manhattan – I mean in scene of seclusion from the outside world and that it is an island – where it seems that they love their desert to sit and meld at the bottom of a pan. Now, I may have made them wrong, though I’m pretty sure I know how to add room temp butter to a mound of mixture. I’d skip these if you enjoy the fully light and not throat clogging thickness that are these.

When we were in NYC for the show, we came across these hip, modern, and styled cocktail starters: Modern Cocktail. They were shoved into the back of the showroom floor, a new company that could soar under the ever growing market that is specialty food items. Two months we tired to call, leave a message, e-mailed, faxed. No response. Sure they might be super busy because of the overwhelming response to their pithy product – but let the small businesses know. I know it seems rife with holes, picking up the phone or responding to a fax, but is it that much a struggle. What happened was they got a 10k order from whole foods and shoved everyone else to the side to fill their HUGE order. Whole foods reorders, and pushes everyone else back, they can’t keep up demand, they try to expand but don’t have enough time/money. We get stuck not getting their kick ass product. Oh well.

Day off because of sickness. Here is to it.

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  1. Nicole says:

    Family size Pillsbury Chocolate Fudge Brownies made in a 9×13 glass pan lined with parchment paper. Keep in fridge. These are the only brownies I make and whenever I get asked how I get them to turn out so well, I respond "follow the directions."

    Seriously, best brownies ever.

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Two weeks / months & brownies

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August 27th, 2010