So for a while I had been lugging in our Logitech iPod dock into the bathroom on days that I wanted to listen to my podcasts or music while showering. It just seemed to be a bigger pain than worth the trouble. Also, I’ve had my smartphone (droid) for sometime and have listened to pandora, usually just with headphones. I’ve used it for it’s aps – usually downloading them after I read reviews. But hey this thing has a speaker – usually used when on hold or talking with Greg, same thing pretty much – but never really listened to music. Why not though? Sound quality isn’t really an issue in the shower; as song long as I hear the words (podcasts) and the beat/high hats (music) it’s fine. My only problem was finding a solution to keep my phone dry. So I thought, what do I use to keep things dry? Well a sandwich bag would work, and it’d be a good fit too. So I bring you my new shower radio:


This thing works pretty good. The touch screen reacts, though not always fantastically; best used when pulled tight and a deliberate finger. The sound is, honestly, pretty awful. Outside of the bag it almost always sounds like it’ in a tin can, while in the bag it sounds kinda washy and somehow more tinny. Over the shower noise it is nearly impossible to tell the difference, plus I know I’m now waking any neighbors above or below me (which I have) while I try and listen to my favorite tech news podcasts – no one wants to wake up the blaring sound of Apple news or Windows mobile 7 releases. I feel like I can hear it better too, instead of the sound cascading through the echo chamber that are hard-surface-everywhere bathrooms it is piped right to me at head-height. Plus I can play nearly anything and even listen to NPR live or really anything. Try this at home – just make sure it is sealed before turning on the shower, as well as dry off the bag/yourself before digging for it.

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Shower Radio

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October 11th, 2010