Flower photo to brighten things up a bit

Been a while. Fought the ‘cold’ for a weekend and it stuck with me for a few weeks after. The last bits are still holding to me (nasal drip, a random cough) but I feel fine.

I have been wrestling with this post about Thanksgiving that I just need to edit down. It’ll be up by this weekend (hopefully). I’ve got an editor (Jay) to keep me on schedual with writing. I need something to keep me busy, a hobby. I’d like to write again so why not focus on working on something everyday. Sure I do a ton of writing for work – I’m nearly done with a great post about Metro Coffee – but I’d like to write my own crap (see this post) again. I got this domain and set up this here blog for it. Well, mostly because of the email address that came from it, but a nice part of it would be this space for me to write.

I also need to write that ‘letter’ to my father. Sooner than later, maybe the weekend will hold enough time and emotional energy for it.

So self… lets get writing.

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A while

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December 9th, 2010