Or, why you shouldn’t truncate your blog.

Just a quick message, a PSA of sorts. The web, the way people read it and how (more importantly) data is consumed is much different than 2004. Sure, have a ton of page views on your rarely updated beer blog give your tummy a tickle – but I’d much rather skip the story completely than hunt down the other paragraph and a half.

See, I like where we are as a tech driven society. I can plow through a bunch of stories on the laptop and later open to where I was on the iPad. When back-patters shit up my reading experience by sticking a (sometimes link free) ‘more’ two sentences into their mildly interesting posts I simply walk away. I know I am not alone, so let this be a lesson to myself and those I work for: I will only use a ‘more’ button when it’s warranted and not to push traffic.

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I’d rather not ‘read on’

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May 17th, 2012


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