In a delayed birthday present to myself and partial wedding gift – I picked up some brewing goodies.

The Run Down

  • Picked up a wort chiller from NY Brew Supply, the cheapest and best value stainless steel chiller I could find – trust me I’ve done the digging.
  • A couple of buckets, some yeast, and some grain from Northern Brewer.
  • Amazon is shipping a 10 gallon pot, bazooka tube, and stainless ball lock.

I’ll be ready to finally do all-grain without a cooler, no problem. My other thought too, is that this way I’ll be ready for upgrading if/when it happens. I can reuse the tube in another MLT, the 10gal pot for the HLT if I wish to go larger. I did a lot of lamenting on which would be the right way to go, and I think this is the ideal for me.

And none too soon. I’ve got a Cream Ale and a Floral IPA slated for asap. With the new buckets and my wishes to move to parti-gyle 1 gallon sour ales.

For those non-homebrewers reading this, basically that last part means, I’ll be rinsing the grains one last time and making a beer from it using Brettanomyces strains (a souring yeast) to create a sort of table-beer. These will only be bottled, for a number of reasons – but mostly because I’d like to keep the amounts low. More on these later.

So, really – not a lot to share but I had forgot about updating, so here is one.

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  1. cbd says:

    Like. And you’re gonna like having a big pot. A lot.

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August ’12 Beer Update

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August 10th, 2012