I’ve thought of writing a bit of social media advice and a blanket of information that maybe someone will stumble upon or potential clients will think I’m at least pretending to know what I’m talking about. So here is part one:

Don’t let someone else tell you what you should be doing with Social Media. Okay, let someone else help you, but don’t take advice as an order. This may seem obvious for those with a small business who are always the first to do a little background checking and data collecting before going ahead. Even then though, don’t substitute what is best for you and your company for what you are “supposed to do.” Don’t think just because they’ve got years of experience doing social media for a tire depot, doesn’t mean they’ll know how to do it for a cake shop. Sure, they could give advice, but it’s not all going to be correct. Only you know your audience, and if you don’t only you can offer the authenticity to gain a real audience.

Which reminds me, social media isn’t a numbers game. Do not base your work put into it by how many followers, fans you’ve collected this month. Yes, it can be a very helpful way to guide what you’re doing, but it’s not a line in stone.

So don’t let some hot-shot tell you how s/he’ll fix everything and make it all better. Don’t pay some lug a couple grand to build a Facebook page, or to post a ‘deal’ on twitter. It’s your business, don’t get bullied.

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Don’t be Bullied

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November 20th, 2012


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