Where to start from the last place we left off? Yeah, this is getting a bit clunky with a touch of this or that and there are pieces of ideas and nothing really fully formed, so I guess it’s a catchall. Which will have to be okay.

In life: we’ve moved back east. It’s wonderful and scary and sad and beautiful. We have found love in the movement in things, gliding through the ever-seasonal landscapes of New England and squeezing as much out of it as we can muster. Hiking is a real thing we’re doing without fail every weekend. We’re away from family which is always less awesome, but as an excuse – with schedules and kids the way they are we’d likely see less and less of them anyway. This doesn’t lessen the impact of missing some people you enjoy, but it’s more akin to giving my brain a lolly. So we’re here.

In brewing: I’m more or less done homebrewing in full. I sold off the entire kit for scrap. Years of accruing pieces for pennies, but it wasn’t going to move. Would I still brew if I didn’t sell it off? I’m unsure. I rarely drink beer – a feeling of atrophy washes over me just looking at the craft beer shelves. I mostly take home 4-packs of cider now – which is becoming a thing out here. I think it’s more aligned with wine in so much as it doesn’t make me feel bloated (any beer) or turn my stomach into battery acid (sour beers). So it’s shelved until.

In work: I’m a Digital Director now for a small (but growing) agency in the burbs.

In dreams: I still want to write, but I’m so strung out now after work, helping with homework, and the gym, and and and – that I get tired thinking about this let alone trying to cobble a story together. I’d love to still write a novella or story or graphic novel or… something someday. I have to make time for it. I’m cooking an idea up in my head about an apple orchard as a life goal. Maybe I’ll think about writing a business plan? Cost out how much everything is. See how viable it would be and how much start-up cash my “retirement dream” would be. In a way, an apple orchard could be a way to bridge all of my interests into one – gardening, science, working with my hands, trees, nature, research, history and I could even erk out a book about it. I may go into detail in the future. It’s something I keep coming back to.

In family: My son is ever older; smarter than I ever was. I see myself in him a lot – which sometimes just makes me feel bad for those forced to be around me at a young age. Lis is crushing it as per always.

I’m not sure I have much else to share so I’ll end it here. In short – make time for the things you find important in your life. It’s okay to pause what you thought were ‘life goals’ to shift your priorities. Don’t get hung up on staying focused.

More soon.

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March 2nd, 2020