So I’m sitting at work, not so much board but distracted. I’m not sure why I can’t just push these damn blogs out. Even when writing for school I guess I had this same problem.

I stumbled upon this pretty damn awesome podcast (that might be dead): http://alifewellwasted.com/ its a podcast about video games that is kinda like ‘this American life’ but with video games. Great, amazingly well done.

New website design coming for SPG&C. Pushing the blog. I guess I’ll be writing more. Travel journey writing should be pretty cool too. More camera action – got to take pictures for the media (e-mail/blog/fb).

Not sure how much longer twitter will be around, I think we should focus on the blog and facebook. I sent 481 friend invites with one quick clickity click. I’m doing my job with small steps, marginally impressing my boss. I could do shit loads more but I’d like to keep my ‘getting shit done’ side for when I have to get something done.

My mother, grandmother, grandfather, great aunt, are all on facebook now, and I still have trouble keeping up with all the new fancy shit on there.

Doing a tasting of my Giard tomorrow. Not so much worried, but I’m not sure how much I’m going to sell nor how interested people are going to be in it. Self doubt is great.

Working a lot still, reading books off and on, reading rss a shit load, writing for myself almost never. I guess I was never meant to be a short story writer.

Ever wonder how you got the job you have? Yeah, me neither. There is usually a clear path to get where you are. My problem is direction. I guess I could be doing something right now other than writing this. But what? I know I could write some kind of blog post, maybe, on our site – about one of the ‘new’ products. But eh. My boss isn’t here to say I should be doing something, not that I have to have someone looking over my shoulder telling me what to do, but I just need tasks that take longer than 2 min.

I’ve twittered, facebooks a bit this morning. I e-mail vendors for tastings. I just wish I was at home playing video games, well a particular video game – Just Cause 2. That game is very bad ass. It’s a lot like GTA only you have a hook system to murder what I can only assume are North Koreans.

But I digress. I could be home right now, not wasting her money and my time. Should I feel obligated to sit here and wait till she comes back to say that I’m going home? Probably. Oh, I just remembered something I was supposed to do…

To those who buy the Olympics and mishandle them. I write this to you because I’d like to draw your attention to the other 200 plus other American Olympians that are competing in this year’s winter games. The coverage of Lindsy Vonn alone is enough to make anyone tired. The worst of her particular coverage is people doing better than her seem to only see a slice of the limelight.

I feel major disappointment for those who aren’t getting any coverage because they aren’t Ohno, Vonn, or White. Seems like you all put the faces who you seem to think will sell the most ad space. I understand that this is necessary, but after the “big win” of US over Canada there wasn’t an interview of any of the US male hockey team – who did you interview on the Today show? Vonn. Oh yes, her again. Let us not forget what seems to be a love affair between Matt Lauer and Linsey Vonn. After “her first big win” Matt’s first question in the interview was a sigh of release – as if it was he on the mountain. I was also quite upset about the almost blind eye turned to J.R. Celski. Never a word about his placement right behind Ohno. What about the first cross country skier in US history to medal at the Olympics? A blurb.

I know you all need filler, and not every Olympian wants to be interviewed or maybe has the time. And yes, we all need heroes. Heroes to shine a light on and follow and fall in love with as a nation. There is a line between hero and media whore. I feel you had made the mistake of covering – what I call – the big three, too much. There are others at the games, giving all they have and I think you are acting like a small child and their first love – can’t let go of the easy ones.

Come in, share a seat and take a knee, in the most depressing month of the year – February. Luckily it is the shortest month in the year because lets face it, it’s awful. I’m not single, but I can only hark back the emotions that being single on Valentine’s day is like. It’s near the end of winter and in Chicago it’s snowing and not changing to Spring fast enough. February is the month that reminds us that Winter’s clutches reach much farther than we remember or even wish to remember.

I’ve been breaking my ass to get out this new Cupcake Truffle bidness as well as finishing off this gauntlet of ‘8 weeks of winter.’ What was worse is sticking it out and working Friday threw Wednesday, from retail to marketing. My job is pretty nice though.

Went to the goon meet, it was pretty fun. Lots of fat and awkward, but overall a pretty fun time.

Still working doing marketing, making ‘giard,’ and waiting tables.

Will write something with more “significance” tomorrow.

I haven’t posted in nearly two years – I think – and someone asked me recently what I’ve been up to. I couldn’t think of anything. I hadn’t talked to this person is a while and he pointed me to his blog – which he keeps up with – and what was going on with him was all there for anyone to pick up and read. Well, this made a whole lot of scene to me. Not that I’d want people I don’t know reading what I’m doing, but to have people I know read it without having me explain it or miss something.

So here is what I’ve been up to ‘in recent history.’

I got promoted – kind of – at work doing Twitter/facebook, newsletter work. I am the marketing department for the store. I’m not going to link it for reasons withheld. I’m sitting in meetings with the owner and my two cents both matter and help business – which feels pretty great. Liz and I live in Uptown/Andersonville now, with our two cats, in a two bedroom apartment. We put up our tree about three weeks ago together; another nice perk of the promotion is I get a weekend day off.  I got a Droid – I only say this because it is one of the nicest things I’ve gotten in my life, and I got it on my money. I’m reading more – way more than I ever was in college – and I’m enjoying it. So I’ve got a job writing (kind of), a home, and I’m pretty satisfied with my lady and cats.

I’m sure there is more but I think that is fair for now.

  • Making candles in class (pioneer days)
  • fluoride cart
  • getting gold in “Olympics”/sex ed
  • only guy in 7th and 8th grade chorus
  • trumpet
  • Joesph and the coat

On the warmer early summer late spring days you can feel it. You can feel what the day will be like in the morning or how you’ll feel about the day. The latter is true in this time because with the humidity and the breeze you can give a rough estimate to how you are going to feel about the rest of your day. The thing about this time of the year is that people are more cranky than usual. It might be the heat or the stress about long term summer goals, but people are on edge. I should restate that by saying grownups are on edge. The kids don’t really care about long term summer goals, they are just glad that school is out and they can see their friends. As for the rest of us, summer means sweating on your way to work, or laying on the cold floor because it’s the only place that is cool enough that doesn’t make you feel like you have a slow leak on your forehead.

When you watch movies that remind you of how much you love someone its kind of something special really. These are the same type of movies that when I try not to get moved when the main character goes to her friend in need. I roll my eyes and pretend that I don’t care that much. But these aren’t really the moments. Guys try and not admit to themselves that we really don’t agree with the “feelings” or “emotions” that come with so called Chick Flicks. We all know these moments. When you really know that the girl is going to get back with the guy (or in some cases the guy with the girl). We all know what is going to happen. Yet we are still moved deep inside us somewhere and we feel happy that they are hugging. Is it that crescendo in the sound track, is it that we keep trying to remove ourselves from the film so much that we really do feel for them, or is it the fact that we know these same emotions. We want to feel that same way, and we do sometimes. We see our loved ones for the first time in a long time and they smile and you smile. The times when you roll over and kiss them and try to feel that moment. Maybe that is what is so special about movies. They don’t really have to live the moments between the ones with ones with a soundtrack background.

But those are the moments we live for. The ones where we wish we were on that screen, holding someone we love with the music and the people watching smiling. But I don’t really think it’s about those. It’s the ones between the small looks. When they look at you and it strikes you, knowing that they really do love you, and that you love them. These are never on the movies. The look of happiness that both of you know.

It lays on top of us every night and holds a blanket that keeps us down with soft clouds of cotton.
It’s a blue, but a kind of strange blue that looks like the ocean on a white sand beach. I makes me feel comfortable even just looking at it. It reminds me of all the times I wanted to get close to my lady, or the times when I didn’t feel well and the only place you want to be is bed. It makes me feel like I’ll wake up without much of any problems. It’s not so much a security blanket as much as it’s my bed room blanket. I think I’ve just not really had the right blanket or something. I used to sleep on the front room couch for a large part of my “growing up” preteen years. This, I think, is when you pretty much develop your concepts of what feels right. My next blanket was a black and gray patterned cotton comforter. It lasted all through high school, I really liked it. After four years though, it was getting those small balls of rolled up cotton that happens when you wash something too much. I moved “throw away” blankets after that. They were made from weird nylon cotton mix, at least that is how they felt. They were great for early undergrad because they were light enough in the hot dorms and heavy enough to cuddle up with in my lonely cell of a room. When I finally moved out I brought the black blanket from high school. It has stayed at my room waiting for me lonely in a dark bedroom. It always reminded me at home. Maybe thats what a good blanket does, it reminds you of home. Once I moved in with Liz it was out with that blanket. I was upset at first but our new blanket was amazing. I had never had a duvet set before. It’s like his sheet (which I love) wrapped around a blanket. The one we have is a this soft cotton – and now it feels close to a nice T-shirt – and a checked pattern on the top. You brush you hands across the top and it feels like this warm warp. I wish I had some profound thing to say about my blanket but I don’t. Simply stated: I like it.