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Turns out I’m horrible at keeping at this. I’m going to make it a goal to either edit or write in the evenings going forward. I need to get my brain moving. I have a graphic novel kicking around inside of my head that I need to put to “paper,” three unedited or unfinished blog posts on here, and I’d like to talk more about Social Media Marketing. So I’ll be rolling the latter into the mix as well.

My hotel portfolio has expanded to five, so there we are. After a solid three weeks of what can only be described as “fuckery” – getting behind, “working” in Kansas City for a week, then coming back to a new month (expense reports & analytics) – I’m caught back up and feeling much less stressed. Looking to crush July. I’ve also implemented a nice ‘trick’ to power through getting posts up and pushing through my ADHD: I set a fifteen-minute timer and just schedule posts for ONE hotel on ONE social platform. Previously I was spinning my wheels bumping around attempting to get one or two posts out only to get distracted by something and forgetting to go back to what I was working on. My fix has worked well thus far.

Finn is riding his bike without training wheels. His energy level is still at 11, but now he’s a +40# brute.

31 soon. Another post to directly follow.

I’ve been sort of avoiding the start of this for some reason. Maybe I wasn’t sure where to start, or what to begin with but I thought objects might be something, an easy in.

Soon after christmas we had to do a little spending. We only had a crib, chair and a faux grass rug. We took our list from Amazon and picked up everything listed in our new book under the ‘need’ section. That and a couple rolls of wall stickers that we couldn’t live without. The boxes came and of course they were those oversized room-filling packages. I’m not sure I can solely blame amazon here because the foam changing pad wasn’t vacuumed small and its own box – so I can’t point fingers to shipping.

The room is coming together in strange ways. Recently when we move, we’re already carrying most of what we own. We change addresses, but the same photos, paintings, furniture (mostly) all go into different rooms. With the baby’s room were getting it together piecemeal, it seemed awkward and strange in a way. I guess when I was a child my room ‘grew’ in this way, but it just seems foreign now.

I’m unsure if I’m fearful, worried, or a whole host of other emotions that I’m feeling about this whole thing. For sure, I’m excited. The wonder of my child learning their way and navigating the world in new and interesting ways. I don’t want my kid to feel the weight of ADHD like I had, or the ensuing drug gamut that tried to ‘cure’ me. The possibility to avoid my awkward and lost middle school years, miss some of my substance abuse in High School, and sheer lack of motivation through 80% of it all. Sure, I worry about being a ‘good’ dad, making sure the cats don’t pee on it, I don’t drop it, or any other seemingly stupid things to think about – but I’ve seen some bad parenting and if I can just be marginally better than them, then I did okay.

Lis and I made a visit to the birthing center last week and it was a touch overwhelming; it was like being shown what you surgery is going to look like in stark realism. Really, really nice set up over there so I think that should help smooth things a bit. I can just be thankful Lis hasn’t written up a list of ‘demands’ as part of our birthing plan – heck nothing is even on paper. She seems only focused on not getting a c-section, and allow the rest to ‘just happen’. Shockingly.

As far as this blog goes, I plan on keeping it loose. I will try to post a bit about each week with the baby, with photos. The whole deal. Lis and I thought up maybe writing a first person perspective of baby ‘nutz’ – we’ll see how that plays out. Next post will be about my first partial mash brew day.