I make beer. Here are my brews and their respective recipes. This is a kind of locker, albeit more of a shoebox, full of recipes – here for me (mostly) and for the world to peek into if they wish. They are in reverse chronological order. 2014 brings in the start of ‘versus,’ 8-gallon dual yeast batch splits. For a more comprehensive list, see my spreadsheet. Questions are welcome, notes are incomplete and I would be happy to fill in the blanks.


Neo-Pils (Old meets new)


Extra Special Bullfrog v4 (OLY-006 vs s04)
Barrel Wit (WLP400 vs s23)
Chocolate PB Stout (s04 vs 3711)
Extra Special Bullfrog v3 (S04 vs Steam Ale)
Saison de pompoen (Fall-Spiced Saison, 3711)
Wet IPA, pale (a gross, dump-worthy disaster)
Brett Mower (Brett Blend from OLY, basement vs 2nd floor)
Summer Stout (US05 vs S04)
Grapefruit Saison (OLY-500 vs roeselare)
House v3 (The start of the Solera Project)
Bullfrog Amber (WL127 Thames vs WL1335 British Ale II)
Mary’s Wheat (wheat beer – WB-06 v OYL500)
Wheat Wine (think barleywine w/ wheat)
Hop Wheatly (wheat ipa – US05 v Anchorage Brewing Dregs)
Session Braggot (Lager v roeselare)
Kotch (Kolsch v roeselare)


House v2 (Farm’house’ v2)
Experimental IPA (IPA using experimental hops only)
Lil’ Roasty (Heavily Roasted “porter” with Metropolis Medium Roast)
Fallen Dekkera (Fall inspired Belgian Quad w/ brett)
Extra Special Bull Frog (Local Hop ESB)
Bourbon County Common (kentucky’s answer to berliner/saison)
Honey Wheat
House (v1 at an attempted ‘house’ beer)
Maine-liner-vice (Lagered Berliner Weisse)
Rye Pilsner
Blonde (Beglain Pale/Blonde – 5gal: s-33, 3gal: EC-1118, Brett B, & tilquin dregs)
Oranje Tarwe (Orange Wit)


Brown Barn (Brown Ale base, subbed 1/2 wheat; WB-06/Rosealare Blend)
Sytarian IPA (Neo-Noble hops from Slovenia)
Creme Da la Brew (Cream ale)
Whore-Garden (Wit)
Black Barn (Farmhouse stout)
Finn (Small beer)
Uncle Braggot (Small braggot, split; Jolly Pumpkin/Rising Tide, US05)
Red Barn (Red Ale, sasion yeast)


Big Fat Cran (10%+ Cranberry Wheat)
Bitter Cascade Failure (Bitter solo hopped w/ Cascade)
Dark and Heavy Saison
Vegabond (Gingered Ale)
Wheat IPA – NB
Farmhouse Biere de Table – NB
WitBier – BB
Belgian Tripel – BB
American Amber – BB