I’ve started a piece and am working through it. It’ll be up soon enough.

Here is my usual morning schedule: Wake up at 5am, get rejected, go potty, eat food, say bye to liz, play video games until the last possible second before leaving for work, go to work. But I’ve made a pact with myself that I’ll write a bit before, at least playing video games. So heres the first one: me posting about posting (nearly) daily. What does that mean? More awful ramblings, complaining, and make sprinkled in there real pieces of garbage worth keeping. I won’t be posting all of them to facebook, it would be really obnoxious for people forced into reading this crap. Just the ones worth reading.

Some upcoming ideas: how-tos, and a rant/research into Not-for-profit ISP.


Flower photo to brighten things up a bit

Been a while. Fought the ‘cold’ for a weekend and it stuck with me for a few weeks after. The last bits are still holding to me (nasal drip, a random cough) but I feel fine.

I have been wrestling with this post about Thanksgiving that I just need to edit down. It’ll be up by this weekend (hopefully). I’ve got an editor (Jay) to keep me on schedual with writing. I need something to keep me busy, a hobby. I’d like to write again so why not focus on working on something everyday. Sure I do a ton of writing for work – I’m nearly done with a great post about Metro Coffee – but I’d like to write my own crap (see this post) again. I got this domain and set up this here blog for it. Well, mostly because of the email address that came from it, but a nice part of it would be this space for me to write.

I also need to write that ‘letter’ to my father. Sooner than later, maybe the weekend will hold enough time and emotional energy for it.

So self… lets get writing.

Very, I think it’s my last day home – thank god – getting wicked cabin fever. Doing a touch of work from home today as well. Fuck the flu.

For the past many months now I spend my nights sitting with Liz on the couch. Either she watches tv and I sit on the laptop reading or writing, or we watch something we both like and share in tv. Why is this important to note? I used to sit a fiddle on the pc – talking to dudes while we played an internet spaceship game. I know what you may be thinking. Oh cool, a spaceship game looks fun! Yeah, don’t play it for god sake. I spend 2 years+ of my life getting sucked into it. Not worth it. So, instead of sidelining my lady I’m at least spending time next to her and not across the room (or in another room.) We go to bed together – we didn’t before – she still makes me dinner – I help more often than not now – and we both seem to be happier. Who is to thank? Me? No. The couch. Sure I could have picked up another game or whatever, but I didn’t. So stuck it out and now I’m here. Splayed out on the couch cuddling up with my dearest love.

Short and obvious news: I moved. To here of course. And yes, I’ll be updating with part 2 of the tv stand thing.

Two weeks and still no word from out beloved olive oil guy. So it goes.

There is one post that I’m dreading to write. Fat Witch Brownie Mix. The box comes with everything you’d need to create your own famous at-home brownies save for the two sticks of butter you need to slap all of the ingredients together in a way that makes it seem like a cohesive eatable jumble of garbage. Some may praise Fat Witch for their delightfully ‘moist’ and ‘heavenly’ brownies created in the island of Manhattan – I mean in scene of seclusion from the outside world and that it is an island – where it seems that they love their desert to sit and meld at the bottom of a pan. Now, I may have made them wrong, though I’m pretty sure I know how to add room temp butter to a mound of mixture. I’d skip these if you enjoy the fully light and not throat clogging thickness that are these.

When we were in NYC for the show, we came across these hip, modern, and styled cocktail starters: Modern Cocktail. They were shoved into the back of the showroom floor, a new company that could soar under the ever growing market that is specialty food items. Two months we tired to call, leave a message, e-mailed, faxed. No response. Sure they might be super busy because of the overwhelming response to their pithy product – but let the small businesses know. I know it seems rife with holes, picking up the phone or responding to a fax, but is it that much a struggle. What happened was they got a 10k order from whole foods and shoved everyone else to the side to fill their HUGE order. Whole foods reorders, and pushes everyone else back, they can’t keep up demand, they try to expand but don’t have enough time/money. We get stuck not getting their kick ass product. Oh well.

Day off because of sickness. Here is to it.

Yesterday I wrote a few blogs, just pounding them out. I’m finding more and more interesting ways of describing food which is fun. I created a tumblr page for some reason. We’ll see how well that goes. Yeah, sure I struggle to get stuff on this blog alone day to day, but I think b/c of the phone plug in, I’ll be able to post small snippets there (longer than twitter & photos etc) instead of feeling the need to shove out something that isn’t long enough to constitute a post.

I’ve been milling over the Google/Verizon paper for a couple of weeks and I think it’s a mistake on Google’s behalf. They were always seen a kind of ‘underdog’ gone pro. This way they kept their head on straight about being total fuck offs about net neutrality and brought out cool products us nerds love (see gmail, google reader, voice, etc). We can’t make the distinction between wired and wireless internet. Talk about a slippery slope into disaster, where no one wins but the companies. Where I see a problem is in commercial. We have a shitty internet connection at work as it stands now. Lets say in five years wired internet is gone b/c of leaps in 4G and LTE etc, but this paper pushed legislation to make it “easier” for us to get “certain” data. We try and check people out at work, but cannot get through to the POS servers because we are a small company and cannot pay the big fat bill to pay for a quick POS connection. So we lose customers because our wait time at check out is longer, and spiral down. Cut to Target, Lowes, big stores. They don’t have a problem because they pay the big bucks to get their POS data pushed through before ours. Tis but a single example, but one that some might understand better and hit closer than “you can’t load youtube as fast.”

olive oil
So the other day I had a flier sent to me. A person had cold called the store (which I can’t image to be very fun) and asked if we would carry their stuff. I told them the same thing I tell every single company, vendor, or joe/sara schmoe that tries to get their stuff on our shelf – “Bring in a sample, we’ll try it out and we’ll let you know.” I guess I don’t say those exact words but that is a rough outline of what I tell them. I learned this from my boss, who has delt with this for seven years, so I assume she knows what she is doing. I proceed to tell this person our normal deal. Of course they soft-of listened. Sure, they’ll bring in a sample, but they wanted to send me this near worthless sheet of paper (what a waste) and asked when a good time to show up for a tasting would be. This is where I try to nail people down to a time, because of a couple of reasons; I can and like to work from home, as well as when samples are left for more than a day it can either be eaten or taken home within a day or less. So to try to set something up where they can come in and talk to me about their wonderful olive oil, but for some strange reason this person cannot be tied down. I even tried to give a general time when it would be best and that didn’t work for them either. I just had to breath heavy, roll my eyes and say what amounted to “whatever.” Not the best way to start off with someone that will be one of two votes on getting your product on the shelf.

I’m not flaunting my power over a vendor, but it’s kind of a waste of their time and money to send me info I could and would much rather get from them personally. Which I would like to set up a good time for the two of us to talk about the ins and outs of their olive oil. Sure it’s nice to crack open a letter mailed to me at work, something I rarely get, but come on.

Today I’m board at work without my boss here. I wrote a blog. I posted on facebook. I know I could be doing more, something a bit more productive than posting here on my blog but I’d really rather avoid work. Just one of those days I guess.

Tonight I’ll take photos of the Sweetwater Bath stuff. It was pretty damn good and am looking forward to writing that post. That’ll be tomorrow though.