For the past many months now I spend my nights sitting with Liz on the couch. Either she watches tv and I sit on the laptop reading or writing, or we watch something we both like and share in tv. Why is this important to note? I used to sit a fiddle on the pc – talking to dudes while we played an internet spaceship game. I know what you may be thinking. Oh cool, a spaceship game looks fun! Yeah, don’t play it for god sake. I spend 2 years+ of my life getting sucked into it. Not worth it. So, instead of sidelining my lady I’m at least spending time next to her and not across the room (or in another room.) We go to bed together – we didn’t before – she still makes me dinner – I help more often than not now – and we both seem to be happier. Who is to thank? Me? No. The couch. Sure I could have picked up another game or whatever, but I didn’t. So stuck it out and now I’m here. Splayed out on the couch cuddling up with my dearest love.

Short and obvious news: I moved. To here of course. And yes, I’ll be updating with part 2 of the tv stand thing.

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Movement and the couch

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October 6th, 2010