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So the other day I had a flier sent to me. A person had cold called the store (which I can’t image to be very fun) and asked if we would carry their stuff. I told them the same thing I tell every single company, vendor, or joe/sara schmoe that tries to get their stuff on our shelf – “Bring in a sample, we’ll try it out and we’ll let you know.” I guess I don’t say those exact words but that is a rough outline of what I tell them. I learned this from my boss, who has delt with this for seven years, so I assume she knows what she is doing. I proceed to tell this person our normal deal. Of course they soft-of listened. Sure, they’ll bring in a sample, but they wanted to send me this near worthless sheet of paper (what a waste) and asked when a good time to show up for a tasting would be. This is where I try to nail people down to a time, because of a couple of reasons; I can and like to work from home, as well as when samples are left for more than a day it can either be eaten or taken home within a day or less. So to try to set something up where they can come in and talk to me about their wonderful olive oil, but for some strange reason this person cannot be tied down. I even tried to give a general time when it would be best and that didn’t work for them either. I just had to breath heavy, roll my eyes and say what amounted to “whatever.” Not the best way to start off with someone that will be one of two votes on getting your product on the shelf.

I’m not flaunting my power over a vendor, but it’s kind of a waste of their time and money to send me info I could and would much rather get from them personally. Which I would like to set up a good time for the two of us to talk about the ins and outs of their olive oil. Sure it’s nice to crack open a letter mailed to me at work, something I rarely get, but come on.

Today I’m board at work without my boss here. I wrote a blog. I posted on facebook. I know I could be doing more, something a bit more productive than posting here on my blog but I’d really rather avoid work. Just one of those days I guess.

Tonight I’ll take photos of the Sweetwater Bath stuff. It was pretty damn good and am looking forward to writing that post. That’ll be tomorrow though.

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Folded up paper, wasted time and money

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August 24th, 2010