Yesterday I wrote a few blogs, just pounding them out. I’m finding more and more interesting ways of describing food which is fun. I created a tumblr page for some reason. We’ll see how well that goes. Yeah, sure I struggle to get stuff on this blog alone day to day, but I think b/c of the phone plug in, I’ll be able to post small snippets there (longer than twitter & photos etc) instead of feeling the need to shove out something that isn’t long enough to constitute a post.

I’ve been milling over the Google/Verizon paper for a couple of weeks and I think it’s a mistake on Google’s behalf. They were always seen a kind of ‘underdog’ gone pro. This way they kept their head on straight about being total fuck offs about net neutrality and brought out cool products us nerds love (see gmail, google reader, voice, etc). We can’t make the distinction between wired and wireless internet. Talk about a slippery slope into disaster, where no one wins but the companies. Where I see a problem is in commercial. We have a shitty internet connection at work as it stands now. Lets say in five years wired internet is gone b/c of leaps in 4G and LTE etc, but this paper pushed legislation to make it “easier” for us to get “certain” data. We try and check people out at work, but cannot get through to the POS servers because we are a small company and cannot pay the big fat bill to pay for a quick POS connection. So we lose customers because our wait time at check out is longer, and spiral down. Cut to Target, Lowes, big stores. They don’t have a problem because they pay the big bucks to get their POS data pushed through before ours. Tis but a single example, but one that some might understand better and hit closer than “you can’t load youtube as fast.”

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Banging it out

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August 26th, 2010