And so it seems. The time in life that is called adulthood has started, so now what? You take a deep breath and realize that you are not ready. No one ever is, it just gets handed over to you and you have to do with what you get; “life hands you lemons and you make lemonade.” But it’s really not that easy is it?

It doesn’t come in waves, it’s more of a monsoon, a tidal wave if you will. It splashes down on you. What are you supposed to do now? Swim and make it to land or a building and make due, or do you let the surf take you and sink. You can’t give up, life will always be there pushing it back in your face.

So what do I do now? Where can my path go from here? I have no idea; life is more like a movie. Things happen, and you just get to sit and watch. Or maybe it’s more like a play, where, “all the world is a stage” and you only get a few lines here and there, get to have some stage direction. Fade into the background every once and a while, have fake small talk, ect.

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  1. Good Company says:

    As the water recedes your path will show, and remember the tide will return and change you path. Over and over again.

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October 30th, 2005