IMG_3741I rode my bike the entire length of the Chicago shore yesterday and back up again. I’m not in any pain which is surprising. I found things on the path though that were really quite interesting.  I never knew there was a huge water feature behind the McCormick building. That fat girls always walk with a skinny girl (didn’t grab a photo). For future rides I’d like to mount my phone on my bike so I can either a) track my speed/etc with Google’s ‘my tracks’ or b) be able to capture a time lapse of the ride. Lots of great views and fields south of the loop. What is nice about my phone now is that I can track my rides with the gps ( I was going to try and do ‘every’ time I was on my bike, but that much info is kinda wasted on someone as lazy as me. I do think though that I’d like to capture the longer biking trips – this is just my first one. I also want to look into a solar charger that I can attach somewhere on my bike. Not sure how well it would work though, but still worth looking into.

More updates ‘soon’.

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May 5th, 2010