IMG_3820Well it’s the day after my colonosopy and I feel fine. I didn’t have a BM this morning, which I feel kinda weird about. This is beyond the point – 2 removed polyps – which the doctor didn’t seem worried about. I’ll be hearing back from the biopsy later this week. I’m not worried.

I’m looking for my next bike trip, and for a way to mount my phone. I’ve looked online, and I know I’ve seen where a guy mounts his with a two buck light fixture and a silicone case. Mounting the phone would allow me to both see the live tracking on MyTracks as well as see maps when I’m lost (which is often). My only concern is water damage, but I guess I’d just not use it in the rain. I think my next long ride will be the North Branch Trial ( Forest Glen to Glencoe, with an around-the-pond ride turn around. It’s a longer ride than the lake front ride (which was 18m), and is a bit longer of a ride to the start – meaning an all around slightly longer ride. I’m okay with it, after the last ride I thought I could have gone longer – so this will be a good run. Biggest difference is this path is a covered path (trees) and I’m not sure if it is concrete or ‘prairie path’ style dirt. I am starting to also think and consider the Grand Illinois Trail. Before that I’ll try and do the 61 mile Illinois Prairie Path. Although I’m not sure how they measure the path (length vs entire run), because the path spider webs out west. Either way, I’d like to make it to sycamore on my bike this summer.

I’m working often, splitting a seedbox, and looking ahead to the summer – sister’s weeding, fancy food show, and Spain.

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Colon blow

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May 18th, 2010