Chicago summers and a single air con to our apartment. I picked up a book called ‘lemonade’ by Fred Thompson in which nearly 100 pages are devoted to different lemonades. See, this is what is great about my job is that I am exposed to new things every single day, and when I say things I mean many many things. For example today we had hand made and bottled syrups that were all natural and damn good. Two for Italian sodas, two were coffee – I can’t even remember what all they had in them, one was ginger passion fruit maybe? I dunno, but it was interesting. That is what this job lends it self to be – interesting.

I leave for New York on Saturday. Two e-mail newsletters, 5 posts to facebook about the weather, and 6 about new stuff were canning and I’ll be ready to go. I’ve got three days to finish the above.

Five – six days till I land in Spain. The second (third kinda) country I’ve ever been to. There will be pictures.

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Book on Lemonade and A/C

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June 23rd, 2010