There are those moments in my spotted busy day which allow me some reflective time. In those interludes where my white-noise-for-music comes crashing back into my brain and I think about one thing either current or historic. I trump though the black dark muck of my brain and try and shake it off. There is little for someone with my recessed bleak outlook to do but hang there for a while listening to the tones, crescendo, and two-second silences. I don’t really know when it all get ‘rinsed’ off my weighted mind, but somewhere between almost getting tagged by a jalopy driven by what I can only describe as a female with too much time and bleach on her hands enough to care about their children  and me getting my next project done – it all seems to simmer away. Sometimes it’s too much and I feel like Ren in Pirates of Dark Water and I just need to get the fuck out.

And maybe that is what I’m looking for Maine to do for me. To get out and shelve things and to focus on others. A good bye to the midwest.

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Quick reflect @ 3pm

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March 30th, 2011