I have been struggling with what to write but I know I should. I also have been thinking about crating some kind of focus to this blog instead of parsing beer, emotionally driven muck, and convoluted/misguided advice about putting crap away in your home. Maybe though that is what I’m about. Spreading myself around like not enough butter on toast. Sure, there is that corner with a bit more salty fatty goodness, but there are huge gaping holes without any at all. Maybe this is more or less a journal and I need to treat it as such. Or it’s a blog about some dumb guy who is trying to figure it all out and in some weird way I’m reaching out through these internet tubes to hopefully catch a person’s eye. Whatever it is, it needs attention. For the rest of this month I’ll be attempting to write something, anything – fiction, journal entry, rant, how-to – just to get in the habit of writing.

One page. A single page a day can help me turn this all around and focus. Tomorrow – I plan on writing about a woman (women?) who’s relationship with yours truly ended in social devastation. A character sketch of myself, by building up the follies and missteps innate in me reflected by the horrid twisted faces of those who I try to seduce.

As fair warning some of the next entires may be graphic, horrifyingly awkward, and/or something you’d rather not know about me. Considered yourself warned. Until tomorrow readers.


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Writing in Sept; 9.7

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September 7th, 2011