At the start of this week, there was a thick fluffy snow that seemed to just to float away after an afternoon breeze took it away. The above photo is from this snowfall. Then the rain came. Our near feet of accumulated snow turned into pillowy slush, stopping up the few drains in Portland, and made all of new england remember what spring is like with 50f temps and on/off showers. This winter has been meager at best, not a whole lot of snow, not really that cold.

Just in the past couple of days I have gotten to know the UPS delivery guy. I think after talking with my mother and saying that I was worried about having the right amount of things – clothes, diapers, etc. The packages are coming in those huge oversized boxes and a single onesie (or two) everyday.

The baby is coming. Very soon, any day. Worry has melded into excitement and the unknown. Time will only tell.

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Snow, rain, and amazon; t-5d

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January 29th, 2012


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