It has been three days. Three, surprisingly easy days – with just me and Finn. I had originally thought of writing updates from his perspective, maybe even daily – but at this point it’d be as follows:

Woke up hungry again. I AM SO MAD ABOUT IT. Oh, I pissed myself. Well, I’m mad about that too. I’m sad and confused about everything that is happening. Hey there trees! Treeeees. Aw, why do they make me naked. Oh – trees again! Right, I forgot I’m hungry. FEED ME! AH GOD WHY ARE YOU NOT FEEDING ME. Thank god. Wait, this isn’t food – there isn’t anything in this dang thing. FEED ME ARFGHRHGH! There it is, food! Food food food food food food do-do-do I love fooooood. Hey, give that back. I wasn’t done eating. Eh. EH! *Belch* Oh, food again. *Belch* Ugh, maybe I ate too much. I need a nap.


With intermittent “I want to stand! Wooooo!” and “I like that painting.” and “I like to sit, I like to sit dooodo.”

Maybe I will start this.

But suffice to say, it’s been kind of a cake-walk thus far. We’ll see how that holds out. Until next time readers.

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At-Home-Dad; Week 7

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March 30th, 2012