Yesterday I kept track of what Finn and I did. We were up to some pretty cool stuff.

– AM:

  • Drove Lis to work in our new car (from Grandma Joan)
  • Enjoyed the jumper in all its glory, can see Finn from new desk place. Went totally nuts in the (new) saucer – seems to never get enough of standing up.
  • He has fallen in love with the tree decorations near his changing pad again, this time reaching out and attempting to grab (or pull them off)

– PM:

  • The jumper is now known as the Automatic Poop Machine.
  • His feeding times are WAY off – wont eat whole bottles.
  • DMV went like this for Finn – happy fun times > why are we still here? > board, dad > ARGH I HATE MY LIFE > Imma sleep in your arms now
  • We didn’t have the air setup in the apartment, so any A/C means he falls asleep fast, even more so in the car.
  • Picked up a Banjo Burner Classic from a guy in the homebrew club – he was just giving the thing away.
  • Played, slept and ate fairly normally (timing off)
  • Picked up Lis from work and went to Target to get big mirror for car, have to see that baby.

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7.16.12 – A day in review

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July 17th, 2012


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