Yes, I’m well aware that this has just been sitting. It’s been way too long. The problem being I’d like to break the blog up into different sections and write some informative social media posts in one area, beer in another, and stay-at-home dad-dom in yet another.

But, then I thought I should just write something, anything here and make an effort to do so. And that latter part is what I plan on doing.

A quick update: Finn is healthy as a horse, and seemingly going to meet the standards set by his steed brethren. What I mean is the kid is huge. I brewed my all-time-favorite beer without really aiming to do so, a “wit” beer that is more or less just a wheat beer. It’s been fairly warm, but nothing like Chicago, which has fried at a sultry 90f+ for a couple of weeks now. Makes me feel pretty glad we dogged that horribly warm bullet. Being a dad is pretty dang awesome overall and it is a real adventure every day.

More soon. I promise this time.

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Been a while

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July 5th, 2012


been up to