2016-08-24 13.31.31When I homebrewed a lot more, I had a subject. When I worked in food, I had a subject. Now? I work with hotels and while interesting, complex, and not at all structured the way most people think – it’s not an issue I’d focus on. I’m still a dad, so I can write more about that – but I’m not really one of those who likes to talk about my kid. I don’t know if I’m board with brewing or it’s become too much of a time sink? I make too much at one time for… just myself? I don’t have as much free time? A part of me wants to hunt for a new hobby, sell off the homebrew wares and do something that I can keep and do in a tiny space. Oh ya know, like finally work on writing the script for the graphic novel? Or finding more/better things to write here? I’m running a lot and training for a marathon at the end of October, but who gives a shit about that besides me? Maybe a couple of other runners I know, but the sum of that conversation exists in a vacuum as much as talking about working out; people will talk about it with you if a) they share an interest, b) don’t have anything else to talk about. I’ve got a modular kayak now – so that quite fun. Maybe it’s that this summer’s been jam-packed with activity, there isn’t much brain space beside slowly falling asleep to woodworking youtube videos. I could write more about social media, I guess? But I’ve found most “social media experts” to be a load of wind without much practical experience, like self-help writers who only have acclaim in writing self-help. I’m too mired in practicality, maybe. I have this friend that works at writing. That puts me to absolute shame as far as his work ethic on becoming a writer. He’d very much likely be there a long time before I grazed the surface. I’m in awe of him. I want to put out work at his clip. He’s good too, plus he puts the hours in.

Maybe it’s time to apply what I’ve learned from running to my writing: lace up, shut up and get out there.

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Write… what? Reflection 8.29.16

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August 29th, 2016