been up to

So I know I said I’d try to write a post a day in September. Didn’t happen – at least I got some writing done. That is better than just leaving this a barren wasteland because I wasn’t sure what to post. But I’ve made beer, trying to stay connect on Facebook and Twitter – which can seem like a bit of a hassle sometimes, using my camera more, reading more about beer, hanging with my cats and of course spending time with ma lady.

Been spending time worrying about being a father. I’m sure everyone goes through worrying if they are ‘ready’ or they’ll be a ‘good’ dad. A daunting task to bring an individual into being.

In beer news, I’ve got the Cranberry Wheat Ale through its first stage and now I’m just waiting for a container of apple juice to empty so I can use the glass jug it comes in. My plan: Break the 5 gallons up, 2 -1 gallon batches, and 1 three gallon batch. I want to buy frozen cranberries try it solo in one batch, just adding cranberry concentrate, and for the three gallon batch doing both. I have no clue on ratios so I’m sort of shooting in the dark here. I have read 1lb of cranberries per gallon, which is possible – but unsure on the concentrate. The bitter is kegged and ready to drink. It’s sweet up front and lots of citrus with a smooth bitter end.

I swear, I’ll write a story soon instead of these uninteresting ‘life’ updates.

Yes, I know. I’m behind on writing. As usual life gets in the way. Lis’s father was in town for a long weekend, we had another ultrasound, I worked Sunday afternoon, all this and more! Found wild hops on an island though so that was neat. It suddenly became fall in a couple of days and the chill is a bit shocking.

I’ve run out of time. Until later.

I think one obvious symptom of my ADHD, OCD, or some other abbreviated overdiagnosed “issue” is that for as long as I can remember I get stuck on words. My mind stumbled through the day and I keep tripping over the same word. Like a scrape at the roof of your mouth that gets all of your tongue’s affection until somehow you miraculously forget about it and it heals.

Today’s word: Torrefied.

Torrefied is a word I come across reading about beer a lot. Mostly it’s an old way of describing something that has been dried and roasted after puffing. There isn’t a whole lot of information on the word: nothing on the OED, nothing on webster’s, just a entry in wikipida that directs to Puffed Grain.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about beer. Liz is watching some garbage about the royals, so I thought this might be a good time for a post.

For some time I had been thinking that I should have a ‘house beer’ that I can focus on and ‘perfect’ and I may have just come up with one: A session brew. Yeah, doesn’t really narrow it down. But it will most likely be a lot like the French number I made a couple of months ago. Mostly because it’s my lady’s favorite and the fact that it’s great for just relaxing and having a sip. Of course, I think eventually I’ll have a new beers that I can tweet and keep “on tap” but for now I think one that I can adjust temps on, change and tweak and ‘perfect’ while making a list of other beers. Speaking of that list, I’ve been looking through (and reading again) my homebrew books and came up with a few I’d like to get to when we get moved east:

  • Traditional bitter
  • Barley Wine
  • Cherry Stout
  • Cucumber (lemon?) wheat beer

So yeah, only four thus far – but not a bad start.

I’ve cracked into the black gingered beer and it’s pretty nice. A touch more ginger than I had wanted, but the beer is still very green and may mellow out with time – first dark beer I’d done and I really enjoy it. The Nottingham yeast really lets the malt speak and takes a back seat to allow the ginger to step in. The hops are muted, but not invisible. It’s like a gingered beer poured over a dark beer – quite nice. If I were to make again, I’d have make it a bit stronger weighted, 8% or so – only because the ~6% its at is fine but the beer lends itself to be drank slow and savor it.

I miss brewing already – so I look forward to those long weekend days spending brewing away after we move.

    Don’t worry, it’s not going away – I’ve just got to get some work crap done. I’ve got three beers ‘cooking’ right now; one just bottled today, another ready for drinking, and a last one still bubbling with massive krausen that just won’t quit. Updates soon to come, I haven’t even allowed enough time to fill out my beer sheets – I’ve just been taking notes on the paper recipes.

    I haven’t gotten around to updating in a while. Maybe I’ll just do a quick run down of shit that’s been going on. From most recent back.

    I had yogurt this morning, the ever delicious WholeSoy & Co brand. If you are living the annoying life of lactose free-ness like me – then you’ve tried all sorts of yogurt. This is by-far the best soy yogurt on the market. Liz made some crazy meat loaf stuffed flaky pop-over thingies for breakfast. They were amazing, as is most of her cookery.

    A cold has befallen me. Flu? I don’t think so, but my body feels fine where as my head feels as if it may explode at any moment. I’m getting over it though, the worst of it was a couple days ago – and sleeping through most of it helped.

    Working full time now in marketing at SPG. So far so good. Menu rolled out yesterday – a touch of worry came over me when I realized what changing the menu really means and how my work is not even close to being done now that the physical paper menu is out. Update the website, for me. But what about the take out menu? Is the paper menu worth it? We’ll soon find out. A couple people think the 50 or so menus I printed out wont last longer than the weekend, but I’m shooting for them being wrong.

    Went to the Jonsi concert and loved every bit of it. It was moving in a few ways 1) I’ve loved his music for a long while and finally seeing him/them preform was special, 2) it was a heart-felt show, you could tell he puts himself into each concert, 3) I was on medicine for my illness. Junip is tomorrow and should lend itself to being completely awesome as well.

    Saw a pretty interesting movie called ‘Collapse.’ Sort of harped and summarized my fears about where the world is headed.

    Went to ‘Acre’, what was once ‘Charlie’s Ale House’ is now a pretty decent dinner place and pub.

    I’m board already with this list. Hope you enjoyed.